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Psychotherapy Groups Offered

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy-Insomnia (CBT-I)


CBT-I short-term psychoeducational group to treat insomnia.

1600 So Main Street, Walnut Creek, CA
Thursdays 6:00-7:30pm

Contact: Susan J. O'Grady, Ph.D., 925-938-6786,


A six-week program that consists of five 2-hour group sessions focusing on treating insomnia by addressing all the underlying causes such as sleep thoughts and sleep behaviors. Please email Dr. O'Grady for more information



Mindfulness-Based Emotional Balance


This psychoeducational class teaches mindfulness skills for daily life and greater emotional balance and is for people who want to understand better and manage intense emotional reactions, live in balance with conflicting needs, experience a fuller sense of satisfaction and presence in daily life.


1600 So Main Street, Walnut Creek, CA
Wednesdays 5:30-7:30. Eight 2-hour classes, one 5-hour retreat.

Contact: Susan J. O'Grady, Ph.D., 925-938-6786,


Dr. Susan J. O'Grady is certified in Mindfulness-based Therapy for Emotional Balance and is credentialed in mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) and Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR.) This class uses mindfulness-based strategies to cope with emotional reactivity and will explore emotions such as fear, anger, and shame.



Young Adult Psychotherapy Group


Insight oriented group for young adults (18-28) who wish to learn more about themselves in a warm, supportive, and honest group setting. Group members are often in recovery from some addictive behavior. Although abstinence is not required for group membership, members are willing to explore their relationships with substances in the group process.


My psychotherapy office
Wednesdays 7:10-8:30 pm

Contact: Tim Browne, Ph.D., 925-937-3999,


In many cases clients seen individually opt to join the group while continuing their individual treatment with me.



Parent & Teen DBT skills group

We offer a weekly 90 minute group to teach parents and teens DBT skills to help improve their communication, relationships, and ways to better manage their emotions. Skills are broken up into the following modules: emotion regulation, distress tolerance, interpersonal effectiveness, mindfulness and walking the middle path skills. This is a 24 week commitment and teens should be working with an individual therapist if they would like to be considered for this group.

171 Front St., Suite 201, Danville, CA
Mondays 6:30pm-8pm

Contact: Rupa Zimmermann, Ph.D., 925-378-3944,


Teens that struggle with Depression, Anxiety, Substance Use, Eating Problems, Emotion Dysregulation, Impulsivity, Suicidality or Self-Harm can all benefit from this group.



Wise Old Woman Spirit Seminar


Both men and women are welcome to join this ongoing seminar group exploring the archetype of the Wise Old Woman. Jung and von Franz’ writings on the spirit of the Wise Old Man is carried forward (the thousands-of-years-old emphasis on the masculine principle isn’t working by itself) to where we need it most— the archetype of the Wise Old Woman! Important and necessary feminine qualities required for achieving world Tao are emphasized and Emma Jung serves as a case example.


1 mile from 24/680 Highways in a nearby home office

Every other Wednesday 4:00PM to 5:30PM
Next meeting May 23rd

Contact: Dr. Susan Faron, 925-932-2090


Note that this is the first Jungian study about the Wise Old Woman spirit, an emissary of the self and aspect of the feminine divine.



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